Governance Public Beta is here!

Hello GajFam!

We are now in the pre-governance launch phase.

In order to make sure that everything runs smoothly when we launch governance and start putting proposals to vote, we have decided to do a Public Beta test.

The Governance Public Beta is now live!

Follow the below steps to participate:

*Please note that you need to be $StableGaj holder to be a part of governance and being eligible for voting.

Step 1) Head here:

We have decided to use Snapshot to execute governance. As a part of Public Beta, we have made a test proposal live on the above link. You will see the test proposal once the link renders on the screen.

Step 2) Connect your MetaMask wallet

As mentioned earlier, only $SGAJ holders will be able to take part in the governance. Hence, this step is a mandatory action that you need to take to vote.

Step 3) Now vote!

As your wallet is connected, you can now vote! Read the proposal carefully. Then select your preferred vote option, by clicking on it. Once you select the option, submit your vote by clicking on the ‘Vote’ button.

Yes, it is this easy to vote!

We understand that you have waited patiently for governance and your wait is about to get over. Make sure that you vote during this test.

Beta Public test will be open till 9th July 11.59 IST!

If you are still at the fence and haven’t got $SGAJ, then this the right time to cross the fence. Heade here to know more:

If you face any difficulties while doing any of the above, please notify us on our Telegram Chat group here:

Happy Voting!